have you met my book buddies?
have you met my book buddies?
have you met my book buddies? Louis Armstrong House
Queens, New York

Tour Mr. Armstong's house, see his trumpets, art and memorabilia
(718) 478-8274    www.satchmo.net
Jazz at Lincoln Center's Ertegun Hall of Fame
New York New York

Experience an interactive exhibition showcasing the life and music of jazz legends.
(212) 258-9800    www.jalc.org
Queens Jazz Trail (bus ride)
New York, New York

See historic jazz sites.
(718) 463-7700
The Louisiana State Museum/ New Orleans Jazz Club
New Orleans, Louisiana

See the instruments of Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbeck, Sidney Bechet and others.
(504) 568-6968    www.lsm.crt.state.lg.us/collections/jazz/htm
American Jazz Museum
Kansas City, Missouri

See the Charlie Parker memorial
(816) 474-8463    www.americanjazzmuseum.com
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