quincy jones quincy jones
Quincy was born in Chicago and grew up in Seattle. He
learned to play the trumpet when he was fourteen and a
few years later took lessons from the great Clark Terry.
He won a scholarship to a music college in Boston, but after
a year there he left for New York. He joined Lionel Hampton's
band and traveled to Europe with them. Quincy soon realized
that he had another talent and he started writing arrangements
for other bands and singers, like Count Basie, Clifford Brown
and Dinah Washington. He joined the trumpet section in Dizzy
Gillespie's big band and kept writing and arranging music.
Pretty soon Quincy was also composing the background music
—the scores—for television and movies. He went on to
become one of the most successful and respected producers
and arrangers in the music world. Quincy has worked with
everyone from Frank Sinatra to Miles Davis to Aretha Franklin
and brings his special magic and vision to whatever he does.

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