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Anna Marie was born in Chicago and grew up in Calvin
Center, Michigan. She taught herself to play music on the
family piano and sang in her high school’s talent contest.
She wentto Honolulu to become a singer and changed her
name to Gaby. Then she went Los Angeles and changed her
name to Abbey. She became a popular nightclub singer there
and soon Hollywood agents discovered her and put her in the
movies. Then Abbey went to New York City and met and recorded
with great jazz artists like Coleman Hawkins,Thelonius Monk and
Max Roach. When Thelonious heard one of the songs that she
had written, he encouraged Abbey to keep composing. She went
on to become a great songwriter and one of the most respected
and original singers in jazz. Abbey writes, records and performs
her beautiful songs all over the world.

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If I Only Had A Brain    Wholly Earth    Verve
Not To Worry    
A Turtle's Dream    Verve
You Gotta Pay The Band    
You Gotta Pay The Band    Verve

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